Molecular Fitness: The Connexin Connection to Optimal Health

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Molecular Fitness : The Connexin Connection to Optimal Health is a new book by Darrell Tanelian, M.D.,Ph.D. This groundbreaking book presents a dramatically new definition of health and the critical role of prevention in the onset of disease. Molecular Fitness explains how we can optimize the performance of our connexin molecules, the keystone of health and life. The connexin molecule is found on almost every cell in our body and enables cell-to-cell communication. It controls the way the cells in our body work together. Open and connected connexin molecules (well functioning) promote a stronger, healthier mind and body and may reduce the risk of the 8 major diseases Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, Hypothyroid, Ocular Disease. Molecular Fitness: The Connexin Connection to Optimal Health offers you a clear-cut road map with which to improve your health by keeping your connexin molecules open and connected. Start your journey with us by reading Dr. Tanelian's book, Molecular Fitness: The Connexin Connection to Optimal Health.

"I have read many health related books over the years and was absolutely fascinated with the concepts Dr. Tanelian presents in the Molecular Fitness. This is one of the most scientific and thoroughly documented books out there. Just read the bio on this guy! He is unbelievably well researched. This book presents breakthrough scientific explanations for wellness and disease prevention for anyone at any age. This is the first time I have read about the Connexin molecule and the role it plays in disease and wellness. Though I am only in my thirties, I have already lost several friends to cancer and one recently experienced a stroke. The idea that we can do something to reduce the risks of getting cancer and many other common diseases is comforting. It is not just about eating healthy foods but including a balance of specific foods to keep our Connexin molecules in a certain state. The Molecular Fitnesslifestyle presented in this book is fascinating and empowering yet easy to follow. I recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about achieving optimum health and living long and well." T. Resin, Manhattan Beach, CA.
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