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What’s a connexin molecule? What is disease? How can we help prevent osteoporosis? What can we do to control high blood pressure? Discover the science surrounding the connexin molecule, and the benefits of disease prevention strategies with fun, educational and interactive ConnexinCollege courses.

Book References

101 - The Science of Connexin

This course brings to life the connexin molecule, the keystone of our health and our life. These 600 million year old molecules are found on almost every cell in our bodies and are responsible for cell-to-cell communication. Learn all about this molecule, why it is important, and how you can influence it to help prevent disease and achieve optimal health.

103 – pH Balance and Connexins

In this course you will learn all about pH. Why it is critical for health and well-being, how to achieve and maintain an optimal pH, and its relationship to your connexin molecules.

201 - Connexins and Disease Overview

We know that the chance of developing disease increases as we age. However, there is scientific evidence that we can lead a lifestyle that helps to reduce the development of disease, enhances the quality of life, and extends the duration of our life.