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Healthcare Provider Program

Send your patients home with tools and resources to easily live a healthy lifestyle.

With Molecular Fitness It’s Easy to Prescribe a Healthy Lifestyle

  • The Molecular Fitness Lifestyle™ is a turnkey lifestyle management system that includes: nutrition guidance, essential supplements, customized exercise programs, monitoring, education and community support.
  • The Molecular Fitness Empowerment Pack is all your patients need to get started.
  • Comprehensive education and support for you and your staff
  • Web-based HIPAA compliant patient health tracking and personal medical records system — no software or hardware to purchase!
  • Scientifically formulated, GMP certified and laboratory tested essential supplements. Just 2 easy daily packets!
  • No need to carry inventory, we ship directly to your patients
  • Generate additional revenue

Learn how you can “Prescribe Molecular Fitness” to naturally enhance the health and longevity of your patients and grow your practice with a preventative and restorative lifestyle program. Fill out the below and we will contact you shortly or contact us at
800-646-1022 x10.


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The Molecular Fitness Provider Program includes:

  • Molecular Fitness Practitioner Certification
  • ConnexinCare™ Coaching Package
    • 2 Hours of personalized support in integrating Molecular Fitness into your practice
  • My Personal Health Information Tracker™ (myPHIT) Package:
    • HIPAA Compliant Web-based patient health tracking system includes Dashboard with Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, BMI, Blood Glucose and pH
    • Patient medical records system
    • Panel 20 Trending
    • Practitioner Home Page/Admin Panel
  • Patient Demonstration Empowerment Pack includes:
    • Dr. Tanelian’s book Molecular Fitness-The Connexin Connection to Optimal Health
    • MineralConnexin™ nutritional supplement- 30 packets (highly concentrated blend of essential minerals and is designed to be more absorbable than leading mineral supplements.)
    • MultiConnexin™ nutritional supplement - 30 packets (includes 98 vitamins, trace minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants, omega 3’s, plus connexin enhancers such as Resveratrol).
    • Automatic Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor
    • Blood Glucose Monitor with Test Strips
    • 100 HealthConnexin Urine pH Test Strips
    • Molecular Fitness Lifestyle™ Empowerment Guide
    • myPHIT note pad to record health vitals
    • Water Bottle with measurements
    • Demo DVD
    • Gym Bag
  • Patient Awareness & Education  -
    • - myPHIT™, ConnexinCuisine™, ConnexinCollege™, ConneXercise™, ConnexinCommunity
    • Molecular Fitness: The Connexin Connection to Optimal Health
    • Introductory Pack option
    • Molecular Fitness DVD
    • Informational pamphlet