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About Us

HealthConnexin, Inc. empowers individuals to enhance the quality of their lives, help prevent illness and achieve optimal wellness by adopting The Molecular Fitness Lifestyle™ of education, self-monitoring, enhanced nutrition, fitness and measured results. comprehensively integrates science and technology and is based on disease prevention research by Darrell L. Tanelian, M.D., Ph.D. His work represents the integration of thousands of published scientific studies spanning decades of research on the connexin molecule.

Management Team

Darrell L. Tanelian, M.D., Ph.D. (view CV)
Co-Founder and Chief Science, Nutrition and Medical Molecule

Dr. Tanelian began life as a child fascinated by the workings of the universe. At age 15 he began his formal scientific education conducting graduate level research into the neurophysiology of salmon homing conducted by the University of Wisconsin. At the same time he independently reversed radiation-induced illness and death in animals by creating an injectable thymus polypeptide fraction for which he was awarded the Bausch and Lomb Science Medal.

Encouraged by this success, he went on to Stanford University where he obtained a B.S., M.D., Ph.D., internship, residency and fellowship all in preparation for a career in academic medicine. Dr. Tanelian realized this life-long dream and held professorships and faculty positions in Neurology, Neuroscience, Engineering, Anesthesiology and Pain Management at Stanford University School of Medicine and The University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School. Dr. Tanelian's research received one of the highest priority scores at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which awarded him grant funding, along with numerous other granting agencies. His research culminated in over 100 peer-reviewed scientific and medical publications, as well as in a biophysics book describing the fundamentals of life, Liquid Interfaces in Chemistry and Biology. At U.T Southwestern, Dr. Tanelian was honored by holding the Jane and Bill Browning, Jr. Chair in Medical Science.

Now, Dr. Tanelian has reformulated the basic foundations of science and medicine into a molecular health and wellness program - The Molecular Fitness Lifestyle. Along the way, he obtained a M.B.A from Southern Methodist University and business experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to best compliment his scientific and medical expertise, preparing him to bring this program to you. He gives the world The Connexin Connection in hopes of transforming your health and wellbeing and that of future generations to come.

Howard Reisman
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Molecule

As a successful entrepreneur, Howard Reisman has more than 25 years of experience in management, marketing and technology. He founded, grew and sold Varnet Corporation, a software company that created enterprise-wide UNIX-based client/server products. With his vision and under his leadership the company demonstrated remarkable innovation and foresight, successfully anticipating many of the fundamental changes in the software market of 1980s and 1990s.

Howard foresaw the importance of international expansion for the software industry. In the early 1990s, Varnet expanded beyond the US and Canada, establishing joint-venture relationships with partners in the United Kingdom Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Africa. In 1993, Howard successfully negotiated the sale of his company to a NASDAQ traded firm whose largest shareholder was IBM.

The world of aviation became Howard’s next passion. His engineering background (Electrical Engineering, McGill University) and computer software expertise provided a perfect entrée into aeronautics. After earning his commercial pilot’s license he recognized unmet needs in the general aviation industry and founded ElectronicFlight Solutions, Inc ( Reisman, was particularly impacted by the JFK. Jr. plane tragedy having met John in Hyannis and trained with the same instructor. Reisman believed, as many others , has John known has to use his autopilot the tragedy may never have occurred. Today, ElectronicFlight Solutions’ Autopilot Performance Training Software is the world’s only FAA –accepted autopilot trainer and the company is now a premier worldwide supplier of e-learning cockpit automation training software for private and professional pilots.

Once again, Howard, together with his long time friend and co-founder Dr. Darrell Tanelian, is at the forefront of a new revolution, the wellness revolution. His vision for HealthConnexin, Inc. empowering individuals to enhance the quality of their lives, to prevent illness and achieve optimal wellness by adopting the Connexin-enhancing Molecular Fitness Lifestyle is rapidly becoming reality.

As Chief Executive Molecule, Howard has been living the Molecular Fitness Lifestyle and is a true testament to its amazing results. At age 62, Howard is playing competitive hockey for the first time and is keeping up with his teammates, many of whom are half his age. Howard is also a single-digit handicap golfer. For Howard, 60 is the new 40!

Galite Reisman
Chief Marketing Molecule

Galite has over 10 years of consumer marketing and brand management experience in the Toy, Health & Beauty and Publishing industries. After obtaining her M.B.A. from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, Galite launched her marketing career at Mattel Inc. where she developed Barbie brand extensions and launched new interactive Girls brands generating hundreds of millions in revenue for the toy giant. Six years later, Galite left Mattel to expand her Marketing horizons and foray into new industries. Always an interest, Health & Beauty was her next step. As a consultant at multi-national Schwarzkopf & Henkel Galite managed their portfolio of hair care products, including Dep and LA Looks, and planned the re-launch of several older brands.

As Director of Marketing for graphic novel publisher, TOKYOPOP, Galite headed the Marketing Department. Her responsibilities included launching 40-50 new titles each month, establishing budgets, planning promotional programs and events such as advertising, book tours and trade shows and much more. Within the realm of Marketing Galite specializes, and takes particular joy, in creative branding and product development.

Galite believes that she has been honing her marketing and branding expertise in preparation for her current and most important role of Chief Marketing Molecule. Galite has been following The Molecular Fitness Lifestyle and has never felt more energized and empowered! She is now passionate about sharing Dr. Tanelian's science and lifestyle to help others live a longer, healthier life.

Robert Dunaway
Chief Legal Molecule

Founder, Technology Law Center, Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Dunaway has 23 years of corporate and technology experience as an attorney and management advisor, having represented public clients such as Sun Microsystems, Tandem Computers, S3, Diamond Multimedia and others to hundreds of startup technology and Internet companies. A co-author of books on startup company management and intellectual property protection, he also has CEO experience and numerous Board of Director positions to his credit. He has lectured at Stanford Business School and Santa Clara University School of Law and was chosen one of Phoenix's Top 12 Business Advisors in the New Times 2001 poll of metro readers.

Henry Ryng
Chief Technology Molecule

Henry Ryng is a seasoned engineer with over 20 years experience harnessing advanced technology and delivering training platforms and knowledge portals. From fighter pilots and astronauts to assembly line workers and manufacturing processes - Henry has transformed a knowledge need to a training or on demand solution.

As founder of Phoenix based inXsol LLC, Henry manages a business offering eLearning, Learning Management Solutions, Performance Support Systems, Simulations and Internet Technology Solutions to a Fortune 500 client base. For HealthConnexin, Henry has been harnessing his technological expertise in the development of myPHIT, My Personal Health Information Tracker so that members can easily manage their personal health data as well as graphically track and trend health changes, a critical component of the Molecular Fitness Lifestyle .

Cory Gustafson
Business Development Molecule

After graduating from Harvard University, Cory spent nine years playing professional hockey in the United States and Europe. Fulfilling his desire to be closer to home, Cory next spent three seasons as a golf professional at the Country Club of Vermont in Waterbury.

While giving Chief Executive Molecule, Howard Reisman ice hockey lessons, Cory was exposed to HealthConexin and wanted to get involved. Combining his vast experience with high level sports performance and the science surrounding The Molecular Fitness Lifestyle, Cory's mission is to help the company grow and help Americans to improve their physical and mental performance.

Cory lives in Montpelier, Vermont, with his wife, Katie, and his daughter, Sophie.

Contact Info

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about HealthConnexin, our website and The Molecular Fitness Lifestyle . If you have a medical question or emergency however, please contact your Physician or call 911.

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